Our designs propose a new way of understanding reality that is unique and special to each person.



Casa Barrasso strives to create elegant essentials for the style-conscious, contemporary soul. The adventure lies in discovering your individual identity through these handmade pieces. Each design is entirely unique and no two products will ever look the same - just like you their beauty lies in their expression and imperfection. 



Designed by Claudia, Casa Barrasso was created as a home for all her experiments, ideas and dreams. Combining a love for luxurious interiors with attentive handcraft, her designs draw inspiration from the natural world, ancient mythology and distant lands. 

Our mission is to create authentic, beautiful pieces that will accompany you through the greatest challenges and moments of joy in life. From the first sketch to the careful development of materials, everything is made with love and attention to detail. The process is slow, but the rewards are great. 


I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our brand a little better better. This meeting was not by chance, you’re sure to find a treasure that you’ll love forever.